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Last Updated: Friday March 04 2011 06:59 GMT

Stranded whale dies on Pegwell Bay beach in Kent

Investigators looking at the sperm whale that died after being washed up at Pegwell Bay in Kent

A 14-metre-long sperm whale has died after washing up on a beach in Kent.

Animal rescuers were called when the male whale was spotted in Pegwell Bay on Thursday, but they were unable to save the giant sea creature.

Sperm whales usually swim about 1,000 metres under the sea so they're not a common sight around the Kent coast.

Environmentalists think the whale may have lost its way and ended up in Kent after being distracted by the noise of propellers in the water.

Tests are being done to find out why the whale died, but it's thought it may have been hit by a ship or died of natural causes.

Jon Brooks from British Divers Marine Life Rescue said sperm whales usually swim in waters up to the north of Norway and Finland and down to South America.

"We don't often see them around here because the water's not normally deep enough for them," he said.