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Last Updated: Thursday March 03 2011 14:36 GMT

Ghost sightings are on the rise amongst UK adults

More adults think they are seeing spooky visitors

Spooks news update: more British adults than ever before reckon they've seen or heard a ghost.

11 million people think they've had a spooky encounter, which is nearly double the number 20 years ago!

But don't get too scared just yet: experts reckon loads of them are imagining it!

They think it's because there are lots more ghostly programmes on TV - so people believe that normal things around the house are spooky visitors!

Professor Richard Wiseman investigates ghosts (even though he doesn't believe in them), and he blames the telly.

"My only thought is that, because there have been a lot of ghost shows on TV, people may just be more likely to attribute certain experiences, like hearing creaky floorboards, to ghosts", he said.

The most spooked areas of the UK were Yorkshire and Wales, while more women think they've seen a ghost than men.