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Last Updated: Wednesday March 02 2011 15:00 GMT

Beyonce and Usher called on to give Libya cash to charity

Beyonce and Usher both performed for the Gaddafi family

Beyonce and Usher are under pressure to give money they were paid by the leader of Libya to charity.

The stars were paid to perform at Colonel Gaddafi's New Year's Eve party in 2009.

Some people in the music industry think they should give away the money because of Col Gaddafi's violent treatment of protestors in Libya.

So far, singer Nelly Furtado has said she will give the money she was paid by the Libyan leader to a good cause.

Colonel Gaddafi has been criticised by people around the world - because they think his army has killed lots of his own people.

Nelly Furtado was paid by Colonel Gaddafi to perform
Nelly Furtado is giving the money she was paid by Colonel Gaddafi to charity.

They see him as a cruel leader who hasn't treated the protesters who are unhappy with him fairly.

He and his son have paid stars lots of money to perform at parties they have held.

It's not known how much Beyonce and Usher were paid, but Nelly Furtado received £615,000!