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Last Updated: Wednesday March 02 2011 11:39 GMT

Male MP in Kenya thrown out of parliament for earrings

Kenyan MP Gidion Mbuvi, who was thrown out of a session of parliament for wearing sunglasses and earrings
Gidion Mbuvi was wearing sunglasses and earrings when he was told to leave

Loads of you tell us you get told off for wearing jewellery at school, but imagine being an MP who's kicked out of parliament for wearing earrings!

Gidion Mbuvi was wearing sunglasses and gemstone studs at a government meeting when he was asked to leave for being dressed inappropriately.

The deputy speaker said he'd never seen a male MP walk into parliament wearing earrings and it wasn't acceptable.

But Mr Mbuvi's supporters said the deputy speaker was being intolerant.

Mr Mbuvi, who was elected last year, is also known as Sonko - a Swahili term describing a rich and flamboyant person.

Speaking in Mr Mbuvi's defence, one MP said: "The way of life of a Sonko is one who dresses well, by putting on stunners, studs, sports and well-lined suits, and that is what you are witnessing here today."