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Last Updated: Tuesday March 01 2011 19:03 GMT

Help needed for people trying to leave violent Libya

Refugees leaving Libya

People escaping Libya need help

With violent fighting still taking place across the country, thousands of people are desperately leaving Libya.

140,000 people have left the country for neighbours Tunisia and Egypt - that's the number of people who live in a big town like Brighton or Blackpool.

All these people are leaving their homes - so need shelter, food and water.

People trying to organise aid have warned it could turn into a human 'disaster'.

Protesters in Libya

The violence in Libya started in February

Protestors in Libya want the head of the country, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, to leave but his army are still fighting back.

Lots of people have died - and the people who are scared of the violence are trying to get out of Libya as quickly as they can.

People leaving a country because of violence are called refugees.

About 2,000 refugees are leaving Libya every hour - with around 20,000 waiting to get into Tunisia.