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Last Updated: Tuesday March 01 2011 17:11 GMT

Earthquake in New Zealand reveals a message in a bottle

The mayor of Christchurch (left) and Antony Wright from the cities Museum (right) with the bottle

The tragic earthquake that hit New Zealand in February has unearthed a mysterious message in a bottle.

Rescuers in Christchurch searching the city's badly-damaged cathedral found the bottle as well as a metal tube.

They're thought to be time capsules - that's an object that's been buried so that it will be found years later.

It's not known what's written in the message - but it will be opened in a special room so as not to damage the delicate paper it's written on.

The bottle that was found
It's not known what's written on the message in the bottle - but experts have made out the words 'by' and 'erected'.

The two objects were found beneath a statue that fell over in the huge quake.

They were found a week after the disaster hit Christchurch - and the city's mayor said it was "inspirational", because the objects could tell New Zealanders more about their history.

It's hoped that whatever's found inside the tube and bottle could reveal details about the people who first built Christchurch.