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Last Updated: Tuesday March 01 2011 14:52 GMT

Lost dog found after living in snow hole for two days!

Bode is safe and well now

A brave rescue dog has had a lucky escape after spending two days down a snow-covered hole in Scotland.

Bode's job is to help keep skiers safe in the Scottish hills, but she went missing on 26 February while out checking the ski slopes.

After two days of hunting for the young collie cross, she was discovered one-and-a-half metres down a hole.

Amazingly, after so long out in the freezing cold hills, Bode was safe and well!

Avalanche rescue dog

Usually, dogs aren't supposed to be on the ski slopes of Glenshee.

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But Bode is a clever pooch - and was being trained by the ski rescuers in the area to help out in avalanches.

If an avalanche did strike - little Bode could be really useful, as her trainer explains:

"If there was an avalanche in the ski area and Bode had half an idea where people might be buried then that would quicken the chances of a rescue.

"Bode comes with me when I open up, which involves going up and down the runs checking for hazards," said Kate Hunter, who's head of the Glenshee Ski rescue.

But being so small meant that Bode fell down the hole while working out on the hills.

Despite being in the frozen weather for two days Bode never gave up hope of being found - and it was her howling that attracted people out looking for her.

Owner Kate said she was even allowed a little treat when she was found.

"She was cold and wet but otherwise okay. She was allowed to sleep on the sofa on Sunday night."