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Last Updated: Tuesday March 01 2011 11:23 GMT

Pupils find out if they've got chosen secondary school

Children at school

It's a big day for hundreds of thousands of children in England who are finding out which secondary schools they'll be going to in September.

Letters, texts and emails with news of the places being offered are being sent out on Tuesday.

Officials say competition for the best schools is really tough, especially in bigger cities, like London.

But last year, 83% of pupils were offered a place at their chosen school, and this year it could be even better.

In Northern Ireland, letters with details of the school place offers are being posted on 27 May.

Pupils in Scotland don't have an exact date when they'll find out, but it should be within the next couple of months.

Scottish councils usually decide where to place a child based on where they live and the local school's catchment area.

In Wales, parents list their school choices in order of preference.

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