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Last Updated: Thursday March 03 2011 14:12 GMT

Are managers too soft on their top players?

Wayne Rooney also got a telling off after elbowing a Wigan player in the head

Ashley Cole has been quizzed by police after accidentally shooting a work experience student at a training session.

He isn't the only footballer who's been in trouble this week: Wayne Rooney also got a telling off after elbowing a Wigan player in the head.

But both players started in Chelsea's Premier League win over Manchester United on Tuesday night.

So are managers too soft on their top players? Are some players not getting the right punishments for their actions?

Maybe you think that some big footy stars could do with a good telling off? Or perhaps you reckon that it's fine for top players to act however they like?

Whatever you think, we want to know!

Your comments

"I think the managers should just fine the players because I am a HUGE Man United fan and I still want Wayne Rooney to play!"

Jess, 10, Manchester, England

"Wayne Rooney should have been banned or fined for elbowing the Wigan player. It was clear from TV that it was intentional and it sends the wrong message to young players that it is acceptable to behave this way... it is NOT."

Olly, 10, Devon, England

"I don't think the managers are soft on the payers. Alex Ferguson must have told Rooney off. It was a bad example for young people."

Ashley, 13, Bradford, England

"I think that Ashley Cole should be sacked because nobody should shoot someone. I think that mangers are too soft they need more discipline."

Barney, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"When footballers get paid so much, this shouldn't be how they act."

Hayden, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"I think it's ok. They just need to man up, it's going to happen."

Daniel, 10, Wiltshire, England

"Ban them all, it's football not rugby!"

Charlie, 11, Bedfordshire, England

"Yes they are, I would have sacked Ashley Cole! He shouldn't be allowed at Chelsea for what he did!"

Grace, 10, England

"I think that the managers are way too soft and should take on the football players because Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney both have attitude."

Jess, 12, Somerset, England

"Ashley Cole should apologise and pay for all the treatment."

Joel, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"They should both not be paid when they play because they are both disgraceful. Actually Rooney should get £1000 because Man Utd RULE!!!"

Stuart, 10, Surrey, England

"I think Ashley Cole made a mistake and people should accept that. He has a lot going on at the minute."

Aimee, 11, Cleveland, England

"So Wayne Rooney hit someone, who cares? Ashley Cole shot someone! Sack Ashley Cole, keep Wayne Rooney."

Keva, 10, Co. Antrim, N, Ireland

"They should let them off!"

Jamie, 10, Devon, England

"When players like Joey Barton do it, it is all over the news and he gets a massive ban. Not Rooney though."

Joseph, 11, Newcastle, England

"I don't think managers are that soft."

Rebecca, 10, Solihull, England

"I would sell him to Bournemouth!"

Dylan, 10, Bournemouth, England

"Yes the managers are too soft! Rooney and Cole are employees at the end of the day. They should be treated as an employee would and get suspended. Neither are good role models."

Brandon, 9, Sussex, England

"The managers are WAY too soft! I can't believe that Fergie is paying Rooney £80,000 for kicking a football around for 90 minutes every couple of days! And Ancelotti hasn't sacked Cole for SHOOTING a boy in the grounds!!! But on the other hand... Arsene Wenger. He is probably the strictest manager I've seen, that's why Arsenal are so good at footie! And their players get paid less than that Wayne Rooney (I think)!!!"

Lauren, 11, Lancashire, England

"I don't think that someone could accidently shoot someone!"

Holly, 12, Sussex, England

"I think that Alex Ferguson should not make him sub. They should have done something that would make him angry."

Yilmaz, 10, Doncaster, England

"Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney should have at least a 3 match ban. I think just because they are footballers they get away with it- like Bowyer, Barton and Hughes (who plays for Notts County)."

Josef, 12, Rochdale, England

"I don't think managers are not too soft."

Usamah, 10, Yorkshire, England

"I think managers are too soft on players, as they don't give enough discipline. Arsene Wenger is a prime example as his team lost the Carling Cup!"

Jones, 12, London, England

"They are afraid of banning the big players, they seem to be scared of them because they're known worldwide but they shouldn't be. Ashley Cole is a disgrace to football."

Ollie, 10, Exeter, England

"They get away with too much."

Robert, 12, London, England

"Managers aren't too soft on their players. I think Alex Ferguson will have told Rooney off for elbowing the Wigan player. But if I was Alex Ferguson I would cut down his wages... give him a fine for not being a good sportsman. It was a bad example to children."

Ryan, 10, Belfast, N. Ireland

"YES! They need to tell them off. Give them a detention. That will do it!"

Jess, 12, Wigan, England




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