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Last Updated: Friday February 25 2011 11:59 GMT

In pics: Fearless foxes found in weird places!

A fox was found living at the top of the Shard

You'd have to be pretty fearless to want to live up the top of a building like this one...

Fox was found living in the Shard

But this brave fox had made a home up the top of one of London's newest skyscrapers! But he isn't the first fearless fox to get himself in a spot of trouble...

Fox cub

This little guy got a bit of a shock when he was looking for a drink! The tiny fox got his head stuck in a watering can.

Fox cub

Luckily someone found him and took him to a rescue centre where he could be helped out of his sticky situation! Phew!

The fox cub with its head stuck in the wheel

We think this fox might have been trying to create his own hamster wheel... he was rescued after being found inside a car wheel!

Fox stuck on a lilo

Fancy a dip? This fox had to be saved after getting stranded on a lilo in a paddling pool. He'll think twice before going for a dip next time!

Fox stuck in et found by the RSPCA

This cute fox had to be helped after getting his head trapped in a cricket net. Maybe he should stick to football...