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Last Updated: Friday February 25 2011 11:30 GMT

Fantastic Mr Fox scales Shard skyscraper for scraps

Romeo the fox cub, who was rescued from the top of the Shard Building in London

A fearless fox cub bagged a room with a view when he clambered to the top of the UK's tallest building and made himself at home.

The cub, who's been named Romeo by staff, spent at least two weeks living off builders' scraps at the top of London's 288m-high Shard building.

To get there, he had to claw his way up 71 sets of stairs - and a ladder!

Romeo has since been captured and taken to an animal centre for a check up, before being released into the wild.


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Ted Burden, from the Riverside Animal Centre where Romeo was looked after, said: "We explained to him that if foxes were meant to be 72 storeys off the ground, they would have evolved wings.

"We think he got the message and, as we released him back on to the streets of Bermondsey shortly after midnight on Sunday, he glanced at the Shard and then trotted off in the other direction."

Fantastic Mr Fox

The Shard is still being built, but when it's finished it will be 309 metres high, making it the tallest building in Europe.

And while Romeo might not have been scared going to the top, Newsround's Leah had a very different experience. Check out the clip above to see what happened!