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Last Updated: Thursday February 24 2011 05:58 GMT

Lucky escape: Woman avoids a frog in her throat

An exotic tree frog

There's nothing more annoying than getting a frog in your throat.

Well, that's what a woman in Gloucester nearly got for real, when she found a frog living among the food in her fridge!

Donna Hunt opened her fridge to get some things for dinner - and an exotic tree frog jumped out.

The frog, which Donna thinks came in the packets of fruit she bought from her supermarket, wasn't hurt and was safely collected by the local RSPCA.

Tree Frog
Donna thinks the Frog could have been brought into the country in a packet of strawberries.

Although the brightly coloured frog was harmless - Donna was still pretty scared.

"I screamed and shut it in the fridge and got my husband to come and check it and then found out it was a frog," she said.

"He realised straight away that it wasn't native to Britain because it had big pads on its feet. My husband was very excited, he loves animals. But I was absolutely terrified."