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Last Updated: Thursday February 24 2011 05:53 GMT

In pics: From stage to stamp!

We Will Rock You stamp

Soon you could be seeing a different type of Queen on your stamps...

We Will Rock You stamp

A musical written by famous rock band Queen is set to appear on one of nine stamps which could soon be arriving through your letter box!

Billy Elliot stamp

The Royal Mail decided to make the new stamps to celebrate more than 70 years of hit British musicals, like Billy Elliot.

Forbidden Planet stamp

Unfortunately this space-age-looking stamp won't get your letter to any Forbidden Planets.

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is one of the longest-running plays of all time. With a record like that we think it's definitely worth its own stamp!

Oliver stamp

The Royal Mail has been making special stamps like this one of Oliver, for around 50 years.

Spamalot stamp

Every new stamp design has to be given the thumbs up by the Queen!