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Last Updated: Wednesday February 23 2011 15:06 GMT

No offence: New Dino discovery named 'Thunder Thighs'

See what scientists think 'Thunder Thighs' would have looked like

Good job it's not been alive for 110 million years - because a newly discovered Dinosaur species might be a bit upset.

That's because scientists have named it 'Thunder Thighs'!

They came up with the name when they noticed the beast had massive powerful legs.

They found the bones of the dinosaur in America. There weren't many but there were enough to reveal they belonged to a new species.

Researchers discovered a giant hip bone - which makes them believe the owner had huge legs.

Thunder Thighs
'Thunder Thighs' is thought to have weighed 6 tonnes - that's the same a big elephant!

So scientists came up with Brontomerus mcintoshi - from the Greek "bronto", meaning "thunder"; and "merós", meaning "thigh".

'Thunder Thighs' is thought to belong to the Sauropod family, which are known for their long necks and tails.

Sauropods are the biggest animals that ever walked the Earth - but they only ate plants, which means they had lots of predators.

Famous Sauropod family relatives include the Brachiosaurus and the Diplodocus.

It's thought the new species developed its whopping legs to give any attackers a powerful kick!

"If predators came after it, it would have been able to boot them out of the way," says Dr Mike Taylor, from University College London, UK.