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Last Updated: Wednesday February 23 2011 15:20 GMT

Royal Wedding: Artist creates sick bag as souvenir

The sick bags created by artist Lydia Leith to mark Prince William and Kate Middletons' Royal wedding

It seems that not everyone is getting excited about Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married - in fact you could say it's making them sick!

Cumbrian artist Lydia Leith has made a royal wedding sick bag to mark the couple's big day on 29 April.

The bags show a picture of William and Kate underneath the slogan "Throne Up".

The sick bags are one of the more unusual wedding souvenirs being made, but Lydia says she thinks the royal couple will see it's just a joke.


"The sick bags aren't specifically political, or at least weren't made as a dig," she said.

"I wanted to contribute to the tradition of what I see as a very British humour."

Prince William and Kate Middleton are due to marry at Westminster Abbey on Friday, 29 April.