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Last Updated: Tuesday February 22 2011 14:55 GMT

Hero cat saves his owners from dangerous gas leak

Basil the cat with owner Sue

Basil the cat is a hero - he saved his owners from a dangerous gas leak!

The thirteen-year-old moggie sensed something wasn't right and ran into his owner Sue's room to wake her up.

"The first time he did it I rolled over and went back to sleep," said Sue, "but when he came back an hour later and started patting my face I knew something was up..."

Sue's cooker was still on, with gas escaping from it - Basil had prevented a very serious accident from happening.

The animal rescue charity Cats Protection, from where Basil was adopted, say cats have a very keen sense of smell and can tell if things aren't right.

Basil the cat
Basil's senses saved his owners from a dangerous gas explosion

They said: "People tend to think only dogs do this kind of thing but we often hear about cats who alert their owners to danger and this is just one example of the strong bond between cats and humans."

Sue's very proud of Basil. She said: "He's my hero and I tell him that every night."