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Last Updated: Tuesday February 22 2011 08:08 GMT

Velodrome first venue finished for London 2012 Olympics

An aerial shot of the Olympic velodrome at the Olympic Park in east London

A 6,000-seat velodrome has become the first venue to be finished in time for London's 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

The velodorome, which has cost about £90 million and taken less than two years to build, will be home to the indoor cycling and BMX events.

It's been designed with the help of Sir Chris Hoy, who's won four Olympic gold medals for cycling.

He said he can't wait to compete on the track: "I believe the new velodrome is going to be the best in the world."

Sir Chris Hoy with the three gold medals he won at the Beijing Olympics in 2008
Olympic medallist Sir Chris Hoy helped architects with the velodrome's design

A team of 26 carpenters took eight weeks to install the track, which organisers claim will be the world's fastest for cycling.

It's made out of 35 miles of Siberian pine wood and more than 350,000 nails have been used on its surface!

Olympic timetable

2012 seems like a long time away, but organisers have already released the timetable for the Games.

It all kicks off with women's football on 25 July in Cardiff, Glasgow and Coventry, before the official opening ceremony on 27 July, at the main stadium in London.

Tickets for the Olympic events go on sale on 15 March.