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Last Updated: Friday February 18 2011 15:28 GMT

Keep an eye out for the Northern Lights

The northern lights are rare but beautiful

If you're really lucky, you might catch sight of the Northern Lights over the UK in the next few days.

They're a colourful light show which occur naturally in the sky - and are normally seen further north.

But at the moment the sun is sending out mega powerful rays called solar flares - which could send the Northern Lights south.

That means that lucky people living in parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland could catch a glimpse on Friday night.

Big storms are taking place on the surface of the sun.

But they aren't like the storms we see on earth - they send out huge explosions that shoot out into space.

Storms on the surface of the sun.
Huge storms on the surface of the sun are sending out rays of gas and light.

When these explosions reach our planet they light up the sky - and scientists expect these to be seen about the north of the UK.

The Northern Lights appear in lots of different colours - they can be anything from red to green.

It's quite rare to see them even in the north pole - so if they can be spotted over the UK it would be a really big deal!

But there could be bad news - weather forecasters think it might be too cloudy to see.

If you do live in the north - it's worth keeping your eyes on the sky over the next few days!