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Last Updated: Thursday February 17 2011 19:26 GMT

Security forces stop protests in Bahrain

Protests have taken place in Bahrain and other parts of the middle east

Security forces in Bahrain have used violence to stop big protests taking place in the country.

At least three people were killed and hundreds injured as riot police used tear gas and batons to break up the crowds in the capital Manama.

People have gathered in the city's main square for the past two days asking for big changes in the way Bahrain is run.

Now they have been moved by the military - with soldiers taking over the streets and protests banned.

Some people in Bahrain said the army used too much force to break up the protests.

There are reports that police beat demonstrators when they broke up the camps set up in the square on Thursday.

Doctors treating those hurt in the violence say more than 200 people were injured and a number were killed.

Pearl Square in the centre of the Bahrain capital Manama
The army have cleared the main square of protesters and blocked the roads around it.

The army say they're just doing what they need to do to keep peace in the country.

A member of the government said violence was used when demonstrators refused to move from Pearl Square.

Big countries like the UK and America have asked the Bahrain army not to use violence when it isn't needed.

Bahrain is a small island in the Middle East, in the same area of the world as Egypt.

It's thought people in Bahrain were inspired to protest when they saw what happened in Egypt - where weeks of demonstrations forced the Egyptian President to stand down.

Protestors in Bahrain want more jobs and the Prime Minister to stand down.