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Last Updated: Thursday February 17 2011 15:36 GMT

Justin Bieber stars at Never Say Never premiere!

Bieber fans

Never Say Never is the film loads of you have been waiting for, and as fans waited for Justin to turn up on the red carpet there were some pretty excited faces.

Jessie J

Some fans had waited all day for a glimpse of the Biebster - Brit winner and Bieber fan Jessie J hit the red (well, purple) carpet before the man himself.

Justin Bieber

And then the fans got what they were waiting for - Justin posed for photos before heading into the cinema.

Justin Bieber

He even had time to sign a few autographs before the showing of the 3D film about his rise from normal kid to superstar.

Ricky on the purple carpet

But when Justin arrives - so does the noise! Ricky was on the purple carpet for Newsround - and it looks like the screaming was all too much for him!

Fans waiting for Justin

Ricky met some of the guys waiting for a glimpse of the superstar, including this guy - who we think looks like a bit like a mini-Bieber!

Justin Bieber

And look how close Ricky got to the man of the moment! He took this snap - the lucky thing!

Justin Bieber

Justin says he hopes people will find the film inspiring, as it shows that with enough talent and hard work anyone can make it.

Justin Bieber

And it wouldn't be Justin Bieber without some messing around! In the cinema he headed straight for the food and served himself! Cheeky!