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Last Updated: Friday February 18 2011 19:11 GMT

Would you miss your lollipop person?

Lollipop lady

The future isn't looking too bright for lollipop men and women.

Because there's not much money around at the moment, local councils might have to stop some of the work they do to make sure they don't run out of cash.

One of the services some councils plan to cut are lollipop men and ladies.

We want to know what YOU think about YOUR local lollipop man or lollipop lady.

Are they important to you? Do you know yours by name?

You might think they do an amazing job. Or perhaps you reckon you don't need one at all?

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Your Comments

"Yes! Our school fought to have a zebra crossing and it got rejected by the council because 'it costs too much money' and our road is really dangerous so our lollipop man/lady is needed!"

Shazza, 13, Kent, England

"No I would not."

Tori, 8, London, England

"Yes I would, because if they're not there the roads will be more dangerous as little kids could just run out."

Codie, 13, Nottingham, England

"We don't have a lollipop lady but I'm in high school so we probably don't need one."

Stephanie, 12, Inverness, Scotland

"I would not miss my crossing person because we don't have one."

Garyn, 10, Neath, Wales

"I don't have one but I would miss them if I did."

Bexster, 14, Essex, England

"What in the world do the government think they are doing?! It's stupid! I love lollipop men and women and whatever happens, I won't be happy if they go."

Jenny, 11, Kent, England

"I would miss my lollipop lady because she helps us cross the street safely."

Blair, 9, Scotland

"I would because my lollipop man is very nice."

Melissa, 9, Ayrshire, Scotland

"Yes, I do think I'll miss them because they always help us cross the road. If we didn't have lollipop ladies, loads of people could get hurt or run over when they go to school!"

Aaliyah, 10, Hartlepool

"I am now in secondary and we don't have one anymore :( But back in primary school I loved my lollipop lady, she was a hero to me. I LOVE LOLLIPOP MEN/LADIES!"

Louise, 14, London, England

"Yes, we would because she is also our lunchtime supervisor, and they help you keep safe!"

Ethan and Poppy, 9-10, West Sussex

"I think that it is very dangerous for children to cross the road without lollipop men/ladies."

Clover, 10, Suffolk, England

"I think they are useful on main roads but yes, there could be less of them. I think they are important for young kids but teenagers can do without them."

Chloe, 13, Maine et Loire, France

"Well, there used to be a lollipop man but he went to the other end of the school so it's harder to get across the road now. Yes, I would miss him if he went."

Emily, 10, Fife, Scotland

"I would really miss my lollipop lady because she is very kind and keeps us all safe."

Sophie, 12, Southampton, England

"I don't have one at my school but I would miss them if I did."

Kaitlin, 13, Bradford, England

"I think that children should keep their lollipop ladies and men. They are taking away safety for children."

Shaun, 10, London, England

"The lollipop lady in our school is really kind and funny and I will NEVER forgive the person who gets rid of lollipop ladies and men!"

Amal, 8, London, England

"They are getting rid of ours at Easter, from one of the busiest crossroads, right next to the local infant school. It's really worrying, I'd hate to see my little sister get hit by a car."

Alice, 13, Vale Of Glamorgan, Wales

"Yes, I would miss our lollipop man because he always helps me find my mum and dad and he is really friendly!"

Jacob, 10, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I love our lollipop man because he is so friendly. It will be terrible if he loses his job!"

Lesley, 10, London, England

"I think lollipop ladies are very nice!"

Libby, 7, Dundee, Scotland

"How terrible! I find lollipop men and women very helpful to cross the road. It will be nearly impossible to get to school without them. There are already enough children and adults dying each year from road accidents - surely we want this number to go down? Save the lollipop people!"

Rebecca, 13, Stafford, England

"I think the roads would become a lot less safe if there were no lollipop ladies. Kids could just run across the roads freely if they were on their own or with some friends! Someone could be seriously injured."

Leah, 13, County Durham, England

"Lollipop people are very good, they tell us if we can go over the road or not."

Joe, 5, Essex, England

"There should be lollipop ladies because they keep us safe and if they go we won't be safe any more."

Mayuran, 11, Surrey, England

"Well, in my country they don't have lollipop ladies and there's about a gazillion cars speeding at about 90 miles per hour on the road! When I cross the road I just make a run for it and I seem to have survived. Either I'm lucky or we don't need lollipop ladies anymore!!"

Audrey, 12, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I think there still should be lollipop ladies. Mine is Ms. Aggie and she is very nice, I like seeing her every day and she is important to me. She is the reason I can walk to school by myself because my dad and her are friends and if she does not see me she gets worried."

Iain, 9, UK

"I think lollipop men and ladies can be important. Some schools are by busy main roads and in primary schools kids are still learning how to cross the road properly, so they might be needed!

Kate, 13, North Yorkshire, England

"If the lollipop lady or man left then it would be really dangerous, someone could get badly hurt or they could die!"

Ashley, 12, Renfrewshire, Scotland

"No because I don't have one at my school."

Jinny, 13, Berkshire, England

"Of course I would! Even though they don't work in the school, they're there on all school days so it would be strange if they left."

Emily, 9, London, England

"I would miss all our lollipop people, David, Fred and Steve! Please don't make them go, they are like family to me!"

Bethany, 11, Wigan, England

"Our town doesn't even have a lollipop lady/man and we are fine!"

Samya, 9, London, England

"My sister Freya and I are at primary school and our mum is the lollypop lady. We would all miss her being there as she helps us get to school safely and we have to cross a busy road."

Jack, 10, Derbyshire, England

"It would not be as fun without them and people might get killed."

Max, 9, Manchester, England

"How terrible, why would they do such a thing? They help you across the road!"

Maeve, 9, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I would miss my lollipop lady if she didn't work for the school because every day when I walk home she always talks to me and is very friendly."

Adam, 9, Co. Down, N. Ireland

"If you didn't have a lollipop man or lady it wouldn't be safe anymore! Stop all this."

Sam, 8, Devon, England

"If lollipop men/women go, more people will get run over."

James, 10, Liverpool, England

"Our lollipop man is Mike. He knows everybody's name in our school! He has been helping children cross the busy road safely for 17 years! I won't feel safe without him!"

Mackenzie, 5, Dorset, England

"I don't see the point because I have never needed one and I'm still alive. Just use a zebra crossing or the stop light!"

Faduma, 12, London, England

"If my lollipop man was not there no one would be in the school! So that's why we need them."

Tom, 11, Somerset, England

"I absolutely love my lollipop lady, she is so friendly and always says hello to everyone! Her name is Martha and I would hate to see her go. The government should not put children's lives at risk just because they need the money for something else - they should find the money! It is very unfair of them to not think about children, especially those who cross busy and dangerous roads!"

Mary Anne, 10, Loughborough, England

"I would miss our lollipop people because the road wouldn't be safe to cross anymore. Our lollipop lady's name is Chris and she is kind and she makes you smile!"

Lucy-May, 10, Oxfordshire, England

"My lollipop lady is fantastic. She is always smiling and without her the road would be dangerous."

Sophie, 10, London, England

"I think if my lollipop woman was to leave the road that leads up to our school, my friends and I would miss her. Her name is Elaine and she is really kind to the people who cross the road to get to our school."

Kevin, 12, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I don't think this is very good. Firstly because it's bad for the people doing the job (how do they get another job?). Secondly, they do a brilliant job for children and people that cross the road. They especially help young nursery children cross the road and learn the importance of crossing. Plus they are always so jolly and kind!"

Jasmin, 9, Somerset, England

"I think that the lollipop lady is very important to everybody!"

Emily, 11, Sheffield, England

"I would miss my lollipop lady as I have to cross a very busy road on my way to school every day. Sometimes the cars don't even stop for her, so they probably wouldn't stop for me to cross the road. Please don't get rid of her."

Alex, 9, Dorset, England

"No, because they're not as nice as they look."

Thomas, 9, London, England

"I don't know what it feels like to have a lollipop lady/man because my village doesn't have one. I think there should be a lollipop lady/man round my village to keep us safe because before and after school, the roads are very busy as my village is near an entrance to the motorway!"

Eleanor, 9, Yorkshire, England

"Yes! I think a lollipop lady is a great idea, because then it makes the road safer. I have a lollipop lady outside my school because we have a very dangerous road close by."

Victoria, 11, Fulham, England

"I think that there should be lollipop men because they keep children safe and they remind drivers that there are children about so they need to drive slowly."

Fred, 9, Hampshire, England

"I think lollipop people are very good. They are there every day to help us cross the road and they keep us very safe. They're so friendly and I would miss my local one if she went. I don't know what we'd do without them."

Amy, 13, Cardiff, Wales

"I would miss my lollipop man because he is really nice and he stops the traffic so we don't get run over!"

Tom, 10, Hampshire, England

"I need my school's lollipop man because the road outside my school is really busy and fast. If he wasn't there, I'd be stuck!!"

Emily, 11, Sunderland, England

"Our lollipop man Alan is a kind and considerate man who talks to the children and has chats with parents and carers. Please don't get rid of Alan!"

Jessica, 7, Merseyside, England

"NO! My teacher said when our lollipop lady goes, the janitor will do the job! But that has to happen at most schools in my area and our janitor works in five different schools and he has to do each one which is just impossible! Plus, the lollipop lady in our school is really kind and funny and I will NEVER forgive the person who gets rid of lollipop ladies and men!"

Eireann, 11, Scotland

"I would miss my lollipop lady because she is so nice and funny, and she helps me cross the busy roads!"

Rachel, 12, Dublin, Ireland

"My lollipop lady is so nice! Lollipop people (I know it sounds cheesy) save the lives of millions of children!"

Ciara, 11, London, England

"I think they should stay! Without them, so many people and children will be hurt or even killed on the road!"

Anna, 12, Sussex, England

"I think it's just ridiculous because cars always break the speed limit by my school."

Charlotte, 10, London, England

"I think that we need lollipop men and women because if we did not have them and one day you had to go home by yourself you would not be able to cross the road."

Mollie, 9, Northumberland, England

"We have a lollipop man but only got him recently - he is very nice and it has definitely made the difference!"

Rachel, 10, Warwickshire, England

"I think it's a stupid idea. My lollipop lady is the only way I can get on my bus on the way home. Without her I would not get home."

Tom, 12, Oldham, England

"Yes, we do need our lollipop people as the roads are are so dangerous. We know it's safe to cross when our lollipop lady is there and if she wasn't there would be lots of accidents."

Georgia, 7, London, England

"Our lollipop lady is great. She always smiles in all weathers and gives us sweets at Christmas. She always keeps us safe on a very busy road."

Ellie, 10, London, England

"We need a lollipop lady because she helps everyone cross the road safely and we are close to a bend."

Conor, 12, Dorset, England

"I need a lollipop lady because the road I cross has a bend and cars speed on it."

Jack, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"Don't get rid of them, they are great! We have a very nice lollipop lady, she is bubbly, kind and caring, and we can tell her all our problems and she will help us! So DON'T get rid of her or the rest of them, they're awesome! We will never forgive you if you get rid of them, they are the best."

Isobel and Millie, 8 and 9, Essex, England

"I think I would miss them because the police have had to come to the road our school is on because people were parking on double yellow lines!"

Holly, 11, UK

"I think the government shouldn't take the lollipop ladies and men away, because they might not find another job and children at schools in the UK might have accidents and it would be the government's fault."

Robyn, 11, Ayrshire, Scotland

"NO! I don't want our crossing ladies and men to go! I like them because they are always really kind. I am ten, and independent, but that doesn't mean that I don't like seeing the crossing lady! They make up part of our community and we'd all miss them if they went- it was bad enough when our crossing lady got injured and didn't come back to work for weeks! PLEASE SAVE OUR LOLLIPOP LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!"

Rina, 10, Liverpool, England

"That's rubbish! My little sister has a lollipop lady called Wendy - we should not get rid of them!"

Katy, 11, England

"We don't have one at our school but we would love them, so please don't take them away!"

Sam, 10, Yorkshire, England

"Every day I use a lollipop woman to get to school. They do a great job and without them hundreds of children would be killed every year. We need the lollipop men and women to keep us safe. As a child I am grateful for them, us kids need you!"

Ellen, 9, Co. Down, N. Ireland

"My local lollipop lady Dorothy is really sad that she may be leaving. She does such a good job keeping us kids safe and without her all sorts of accidents might happen."

Tiffany, 12, Manchester, England

"We use our Linda Lollipop to get to school. She comes into school to give road safety advice and the last few years she has been learning some Polish to help communicate with some new pupils! Linda Lollipop has been doing her job in hot sun, pouring rain and snow for at least 15 years, and our road is very busy. We would miss her and so would our mum. She does a wonderful job always with a smile, thank you Linda Lollipop!"

Susan-Rose and Zach, 3 and 11, Cheshire, England

"I think that lollipop men and women should stay because they keep us really safe."

Rosie, 11, London, England

"If the government were to cut down on lollipop people, how would we get across the road on our way to school?!"

Ben, 10, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland

"No they should not ban them because my lollipop man is mint!"

Shannon, 11, Durham, England

"Yes we are in a credit crunch but come on, are they actually going to stop lollipop men and women doing their jobs?! That's just idiotic! I go to a school with 1500 children and our lollipop man loves helping us get across the road."

David, 12, Co. Down, N. Ireland

"We have a busy road outside our school. Cars can swerve round just as you cross so we need a lollipop lady!"

Faye, 10, Essex, England

"We have three lollipop ladies where I live, two on the really busy main road and one outside the infants where lots of huge buses come down the street! We definitely do need lollipop people to keep us safe! They are funny and kind as well!!"

Megan, 11, Norfolk, England

"My lollipop lady is leaving, bye Jan!"

Grace, 11, London, England

"I would NOT miss my lollipop lady!"

Melanie, 9, Manchester, England

"I think the lollipop ladies and men are very important because they help children cross the road safely. Recently a boy at my school was late, and he crossed the road and got run over because the lollipop lady was not there. Luckily he was fine but did have injuries. Apart from the fact that my lollipop lady is helpful she is also kind and caring and always says hello to me and my friends!"

Sophie, 11, Surrey, England

"I used to have a lollipop lady, she was so kind she gave us sweets, all different flavours! But now we drive in a car."

Robyn, 11, Stockton-on-Tees, England

"We don't have a lollipop lady or man so I won't miss them!"

James, 12, Surrey, England

"No not really because we already have lights - what's the point?"

Rebecca, 10, Midlothian, Scotland

"They help children cross the road safely, so they must stay!"

Laura, 11, Manchester, England

"I wouldn't really care if they went because my lollipop lady is so miserable!"

Charlotte, 11, London, England

"Yes, because they help you cross the road!"

Lea, 13, Solihull, England