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Last Updated: Monday February 14 2011 16:37 GMT

Spacemen finally land on pretend planet Mars

The Mars experiment

Spacemen land on Mars! (Well... sort of...)

After eight months locked away together, volunteer spacemen land on a planet called Mars - but it's all fake!

Since June the six men have been in a pretend space capsule in Russia - experiencing what life might be like travelling all the way to Mars.

And now they've finally reached the red planet - but as it's all fake they've actually just gone into a room that's covered with sand!

They wore spacesuits and put up flags, as if it was a real Mars landing.

It's part of the Mars500 project to see how people would cope on long space missions - being stuck in a small space for months, with just the other astronauts for company.

Tough conditions

Experts say these conditions are really tough and as it's all pretend, they can't even get excited by the fact they're in space.

The Russian space agency say it's an important way of preparing to go to Mars - which they reckon could happen in 20 years time.