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Last Updated: Monday February 14 2011 18:00 GMT

Could you eat an animal you had reared?

School in Lancashire where kids have to learn about farming!

Hayley heads to a school that cooks its own farm animals

Pupils at a school in Lancashire have no doubt where most of the meat in their school dinners comes from, as they help raise it!

The school has its own chickens, pigs, cows and sheep, so children there learn all about how the animals are farmed.

So could you eat an animal you had helped to rear or do you think you'd get too attached to them while they're alive?

Maybe you think it's a good way to learn about where different meats come from?

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Your Comments

"That's what humans are meant to eat! We've evolved to eat meat and plants! Lions wouldn't feel guilty about eating a zebra, so why would we feel sorry for a pig or hen?"

Matthew, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I would never be able to eat an animal I had reared! It would be sad because it would almost be like eating your own pet."

Michaela, 10, USA

"I could eat something I had reared as I'd know that I'd treated it well and that it had a good life."

Hannah, 12, Yorkshire, England

"I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't like the thought of eating animals on my dinner plate! I think it's very cruel and if you have looked after the animals it would be even worse!"

Vic, 12, Staffordshire, England

"I couldn't eat an animal that I had fed and cared for! I would feel so guilty!"

Daisy, 11, London, England

"I would be too attached to an animal and I would be to upset to kill it!"

Louise, 11, London, England

"I could eat something I had reared, because at least then the animal would have lived a happier life. Shop-bought animals are sometimes pumped with food to fatten them up."

Callum, 12, Swindon, England

"I'm not a vegetarian and I wouldn't really like eating an animal I reared but I wouldn't mind if I really had to."

Julia, 11, Falkirk

"I would not eat it because I would find it sad."

Tofunmi, 13, London, England

"I'm jealous, I would love farming lessons! As for eating the animals you raise, I would actually prefer eating an animal that I know has had a good life. Better than eating one that was raised on a battery farm!"

Helena, 11, Liverpool, England

"I don't mind killing animals for food as long as I haven't got attached to them."

Jennie, 10, Perthshire, Scotland

"I couldn't bring myself to eat any animal at all, I am a vegetarian and animal lover, and I believe that animals have a lot more right to be on this planet than we do."

Richard, 12, Kent, England

"I would never eat an animal I had reared, I love animals, they are very cute and funny."

Angely, 9, London, England

"I do eat meat, and I love it! But I would feel really guilty about eating an animal that I had reared."

Harshna, 10, Cambridge, England

"I think it would be cruel."

Robyn, 11, Stockton-on-Tees, England

"I'm a vegetarian myself and I get really annoyed when people who eat meat are picky, if you eat animals eat them all, it's only fair and if you don't, join the club!"

Jacob, 12, Somerset, England

"I have to agree with most of you: I'm a great animal lover and I could never ever eat an animal I had reared, unless it was something really horrible, and even then... I think it's harsh!"

Kelly, 13, Yorkshire, England

"I go to this school, and we don't really get attached to the animals."

Tom, 14, Lancaster, England

"No way, because you have looked after them."

Katie, 11, London, England

"I think it's kind of revolting. A school that has it's own farm and pigs is NOT a good thing."

Bushrah, 11, London, England

"I would not eat them because if I had helped an animal I would not want to eat it!"

Chloe, 12, Hampshire, England

"I would because I would know where the meat had come from, and I would know that the animals had had happy lives."

Owain, 10, Bangor, Wales

"No, because I might get too attached to it and try to keep it as a pet."

Jenna, 11, York, England

"I think you shouldn't eat an animal you've reared, it would be sad and very upsetting."

Manal, 10, Middle East

"No I couldn't, I'm a strict vegetarian."

Stella, 10, Yorkshire, England

"I would not like to eat the animals because it's a bit mean. They should only eat the animals when they have no food."

Martina, 10, UK

"I have a rabbit and two cats. I would not eat any of them, even if I farmed a cow. I'm considering becoming a vegetarian."

Connor, 13, Leicester, England

"I could never eat an animal that I had reared. It would be sad."

Poppy, 7, Reading, England

"I'm not a vegetarian but if I think about it, it is very sad."

Euan, 10, North Lanarkshire, England

"I would not like to eat something that I had reared because it wouldn't feel right."

Amy, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it is the best way to have school dinners because you know where the produce has come from and you know that the animal has had a good life."

William, 13, Hampshire, England

"I think that it is cruel to animals. I'm a vegetarian myself, so I think meat is disgusting."

India, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think eating animals is evil."

Lisa, 12, Bradford, England

"Animals need a lot of care. I hate the haters who eat them, it is wrong. I wouldn't want anyone to eat my hamster!"

Lola, 12, Bradford, England

"This is disgusting! I am vegetarian and, if I did eat meat, I still would not eat it - even if I had help rear the animals!"

Cameron, 12, Scotland