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Last Updated: Thursday February 10 2011 16:37 GMT

Paperboy told he's breaking law for working too early

Paperboy Sam delivering a paper

Young workers like Sam can't start work before 7am

A paperboy has been told he's breaking the law for starting work too early.

Sam, who's 15, used to begin his paper round at 6:45am every day - so he could get all his deliveries done and then help his mum with chores before school.

But Sam's boss has been told by officials that she can't let Sam work before 7am, because it's against the law for anyone under 16 to do so.

Sam now starts work at 7am but it's a rush. His boss is campaigning to get the law changed.

Sam, from Worcestershire, won a national award last year for helping an very ill customer with chores.

There are lots of rules over what kind of work young people can and can't do, to help protect them.

All young workers have to be 13 or over, and have to get a work permit from their local council.