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Last Updated: Thursday February 10 2011 07:17 GMT

Happy hammers set for Olympic stadium after 2012

How the stadium might look if West Ham take over

It looks like footy team West Ham have won the right to play at the Olympic stadium after the big games in 2012.

The BBC has found out the group in charge of deciding who gets the stadium will recommend the east London team.

The government then have to make the final decision - but it will be a big shock if they don't pick West Ham.

Spurs were the other team trying to win the right to buy the stadium - but they would knock it down, which was unpopular with the Olympic organisers.

The other big decision was around the running track that would be used in the games.

Ricky at the Olympic stadium

Ricky explains the battle between West Ham and Spurs for the stadium

West Ham have promised to keep the track around the stadium but Spurs would get rid of it.

Organisers want athletics to be held in the stadium after the games - and it looks like this helped West Ham's bid.

It was also more popular with people living in the city. When the BBC asked people from London, four out of five said they would like to keep the running track.

If the Hammers did take over the stadium in East London there would be lots of different sports and concerts held there.