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Last Updated: Tuesday February 08 2011 14:21 GMT

Fire in Brazil causes chaos for famous carnival

Firefighters try to control a blaze.

A fire in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, has brought chaos to the country's biggest carnival.

Carnival warehouse damaged by the fire.

Rio will host its annual carnival in March, but a fire has hit warehouses where lots of the carnival costumes and floats are stored, causing millions of pounds of damage.

Carnival float

Thousands of costumes, which take months and months to make, have been destroyed. Parade floats were damaged too.

People watch the smoke from the fire.

Luckily no one is known to have died in the fire, but lots of people are upset to see months of hard work and effort destroyed in the blaze.

Firefighters walk next to a carnival float outside a burnt carnival warehouse .

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to watch the parade each year, but it's also a tough competition between the different makers of the costumes and floats.

Firefighters try to control a blaze.

With so many items destroyed in the fire, some groups of costume creators might not be able to compete for the top prizes this year.

Clouds of smoke coming from the fires.

Despite the chaos, the carnival will still go ahead and the city's mayor hopes to start rebuilding the warehouses this week.