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Last Updated: Monday February 07 2011 13:22 GMT

Bushfires hit western Australia, near city of Perth

Bush fire in Perth in Australia

Fires have hit western Australia, in two areas outside the city of Perth. Bush fires are common in parts of the country because of the hot, dry climate.

Fire crew trying to deal with bushe fires in Australia

Fire fighters tried to control the blazes. They said they think that one fire was accidentally started by a man using a power tool in his garden - sparks lit dry grass.

People living in the areas hit by the fires got together to hear news about their homes.

People were evacuated from their homes so they didn't get caught up in the fire. They haven't been allowed to return home yet, but have been regularly updated by officials.

Helicopters dropping water from above to try and stop the fires spreading outside of Perth in Australia.

Helicopters dumped water from above to try and stop the fires spreading. One area affected by fire was brought under control and no houses were destroyed.

House destroyed by a bush fire outside of the city of Perth in Australia.

However in the other area hit, the destruction was worse. Around forty houses, like this one, were destroyed. But luckily no residents were seriously injured by the flames.