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Last Updated: Monday February 07 2011 08:35 GMT

Bushfires hit Western Australia

Bush fire burning in western Australia

Ore looks at the trio of disasters to hit Australia recently

Two huge fires in the Australian countryside are burning out of control.

The two fires, called bushfires, are burning outside the city of Perth in Western Australia and have so far destroyed 50 homes.

Because the Australian countryside is really dry, fires like the one in Perth can spread really quickly and hundreds of people have left their homes.

Rescuers don't think anyone has been hurt in the fires and have promised to help those who've lost their homes.

Fire fighters are also worried that strong winds in the area will cause the fires to move over a bigger area.

Australia has already been hit by flooding and a massive storm called a cyclone this year.

Experts aren't sure what started these bushfires - but don't think they were started on purpose.