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Last Updated: Friday February 04 2011 09:28 GMT

Soldiers help Cyclone Yasi clean-up in Australia

Cyclone Yasi clean-up - a homeowner in Tully in Australia shows their spirit

Four thousand soldiers have been sent to northern Queensland to help the clean-up after Cyclone Yasi lashed the Australian state.

Hundreds of rescuers are using chainsaws to cut through fallen trees, power lines and wreckage to reach towns cut off by the storm.

At least one person is now known to have died.

Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan called Tully a "war zone" after a 30-minute tour of the town.

Officials have called for people to remain calm while they wait for rescuers to reach them.

Hundreds of millions of pounds' worth of banana and sugar cane crops have been destroyed by the cyclone.

Cyclone Yasi is being called the country's worst storm in 100 years.