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Last Updated: Friday February 04 2011 08:07 GMT

Egypt set for more protests, president says he's fed up

Egypt protests - anti-government protesters chant slogans calling for their president to go

Thousands of protesters have spent the night camped out in Egypt's capital Cairo as they prepare for another day of demonstrations against their leader.

President Hosni Mubarak has said he's "fed up" and wants to go, but he fears his country will be left in chaos if he resigns now.

The White House has been talking with Egyptian officials about how a handover of power could work.

Meanwhile, a plane has brought home 161 British travellers from Egypt.

Egypt protests - protesters sleeping in Cairo's Tahrir Square
Protesters sleeping in Tahrir Square in Cairo

One of the passengers who arrived at Gatwick Airport on Thursday evening was 16-year-old Shukria.

She said about her time in Egypt: "There were men with samurai swords, machetes and other weapons.

"They were outside our apartments, walking up and down the stairs, which was really scary.

"I was frightened because it was just me and my two brothers. We were just hoping we would get out alive. I feel ecstatic to be here."

On Wednesday and Thursday, things turned violent in Cairo after supporters of President Mubarak surged into Tahrir Square.