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Last Updated: Thursday February 03 2011 07:39 GMT

Cyclone Yasi causes destruction in Queensland Australia

Car and tree blown over by Cyclone Yasi in Townsville, Australia

Cyclone Yasi has left a trail of destruction in northern Queensland in Australia, but the storm wasn't as severe as originally feared.

At least 180,000 homes have been left without electricity and houses have had their roofs ripped off.

Winds of up to 190mph snapped power and phone lines and knocked down trees.

Officials said no deaths or serious injuries have been reported so far. But there are worries that further rain and storm surges could cause flooding.

House destroyed by Cyclone Yasi in Tully, Australia
House destroyed by Cyclone Yasi in Tully.

The towns of Innisfail, Tully, Mission Beach and Cardwell are among the worst hit.

Barbara Kendall from Innisfail spent the night in her car in a basement car park, along with her husband and cats.

She said: "It was really terrifying, but we were safe... It's a terrifying sound. It's really hard to describe. All I could hear was the screeching of the wind."

In Tully, several homes were reported to have had their roofs blown off.

But there was some good news - three babies were born overnight, including one at an evacuation centre.