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Last Updated: Wednesday February 02 2011 07:54 GMT

Diet may help cross-eyed opossum Heidi's eye condition

Heidi the cross-eyed opossum

Heidi the cross-eyed opossum is being put on a strict diet - to try and help the eye condition that made her an online celebrity.

She's being fed lettuce, carrots and lean chicken in the hope that it'll help her lose weight.

It's thought that Heidi is cross-eyed because of bits of excess fat behind her eyeballs.

The opossum arrived at Leipzig Zoo in Germany last May and has already lost 400 grams since then.

Meet Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum

Heidi's thick tail has also slimmed down, making it easier for her to climb.

She was moved to Germany in May along with her sister, after they were abandoned at an animal shelter in America.

Heidi became a star when her photos appeared in a German newspaper.

The cute animal has inspired a song and a toy - and got herself hundreds of thousands of fans online!