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Last Updated: Tuesday February 01 2011 20:06 GMT

Thousands of people protest in Egypt

Thousands of protestors in Cairo, Egypt's capital city.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have been out in Cairo, Egypt's capital city. It's the biggest demo they've had since the protests started over a week ago.

Tanks and demonstrators out in Cairo in Egypt.

The country's army has been out on the streets, but they've said that they won't use force against the demonstrators.

Children are also joining the demonstrations in Egypt

Men, women and even small children have all been taking part in the demos.

Protestors carrying large Egyptian flag.

The protesters want Egypt's president, Hosni Mubarak, to resign.

Demonstrators in the city of Cairo in Egypt.

They're unhappy with the poverty and problems the country has had while he's been in charge. He's been president for 30 years.

British tourists waiting for flights to leave Egypt

An extra plane is being sent from the UK to bring back British tourists who want to leave Egypt and not get caught up in the demos.

Demonstrator with his face painted with the Egyptian flag

People have been singing and chanting whilst demonstrating and some have even painted their faces with the Egyptian flag. Protests look set to continue.