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Last Updated: Tuesday February 01 2011 18:40 GMT

Thousands take part in huge Egypt demonstration

Demonstrators in Egypt

Huge demonstrations in Egypt

A massive demonstration is taking place in Cairo as protesters try to force President Mubarak to leave his job.

Organisers say they hope a million people will come onto the streets and a rally is also planned in another big Egyptian city, Alexandria.

Egypt has a very powerful army, but it has promised it will not use gunfire or other force against the protesters.

British Prime Minister David Cameron phoned President Mubarak and advised him not to try to stop the demos.


US holidaymakers leave Cairo
US holidaymakers leave Cairo

The British Foreign Office is urging Britons to avoid all public gatherings and to leave the major cities where demonstrations are planned.

But it hasn't told people not to travel to the most popular holiday destination - the Red Sea resorts including Sharm el-Sheikh.

Cairo atmosphere

Protester in Cairo, Egypt
Protester in Cairo

One demonstrator, Tarek Shalabi, described the atmosphere in Cairo as "overwhelming".

He said, "We're here because we want to make a statement. We're not going until Mubarak steps down."

He said a stage had been set up where people could go up and make speeches, read out poetry or sing or chant political slogans: "It has a festive feel to it."


Protesters are angry with how the President, Hosni Mubarak, is running their country.

At least 100 people have died and up to 2,000 have been arrested since the demonstrations began a week ago.