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Last Updated: Friday January 28 2011 17:12 GMT

In pics: Toy holiday snaps!

Toy Rabbit in front of the London Eye

Have you ever thought your favourite toy might deserve a holiday? A week away from all the stresses of the toy box? Well now you can...

Teddy bear infront of Big Ben.

People can now send their cuddly toys off to companies in London, Barcelona and Paris who will take your teddy off on a tour of the city!

Monkey toy in front of the Eiffel Tower

For a fee your toy can go and have some snaps taken in front of famous landmarks, just like this monkey and the Eiffel Tower.

Toy in Barcelona

People from as far away as Japan and America have been wanting to treat their teddies. Hope he doesn't forget to send you a postcard!

Toy Dog in front of Notre Dame

This cuddly puppy is loving seeing the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. We wonder if he's spotted any gargoyles.

Jonny Bravo toy in Barcelona

Jonny Bravo is having a brilliant time in Barcelona. Hope he hasn't forgotten to pack his sun cream.