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Last Updated: Wednesday January 26 2011 17:00 GMT

Has rat catcher visited Number 10 Downing Street?

Time for the PM to get a cat?

Officials have confirmed a "rat catcher" has been brought in to deal with the Downing Street rat that's been popping up on our TV screens.

Eye witnesses reported seeing a man at Number 10 on Wednesday morning, putting down what looked like black traps.

A Downing Street spokesperson told Newsround: "Action is being taken and the issue will be dealt with by as humane a method as possible."

The rat's been spotted at Downing Street during live TV broadcasts.

Does the PM need a cat?

There have been rumours that Downing Street workers want Prime Minister David Cameron to adopt a cat to help scare any visiting rats away.

A pet cat called Humphrey lived at 10 Downing Street during the 1990's but there hasn't been one there since he retired.

Rat hunt

Jacqui Smith, who used to work for the old PM, said that the previous cat made a big impression on some of the meetings they had there.

She wrote on the internet: "When I was a minister, Downing St cat 'poohed' under a table in the Cabinet Room!".

Westminster Council, who look after the area where the Prime Minister lives, said they are sending two workers to help out with the rat hunt.