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Last Updated: Wednesday January 26 2011 15:33 GMT

Happy ending for dog found stranded on ice

Baltic the dog on board his ship

Baltic the dog has a happy ending

In January 2010 a lost dog was rescued by sailors after they found it floating on ice in the middle of the sea.

It's thought the plucky pooch got stuck on the ice sheet which then floated along a river and out to sea.

A crew spotted him in the icy waters of the Baltic sea and at first thought he was a seal - but sailed closer to investigate and pulled him on board.

Now, 12 months on the dog - named Baltic - has settled in as the ship's pet, mascot and proud guard dog!

Last year's Newsround report on Baltic

Baltic has been spoiled by his ship mates and regularly gets his favourite sausages served up by the ship's chef.

He's even got a cosy cabin to sleep in with his master, Adam.