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Last Updated: Wednesday January 26 2011 08:44 GMT

Lost penguin looked after by police

Lost penguin ends up in police custody

A lost penguin seems to be enjoying life as a local celeb after being taken in by the police when he took a wrong turn and ended up miles from home!

Rescue police in Peru in South America found the Humboldt penguin separated from its colony on a local beach.

The police have said they are going to take care of the sea bid - who they've named Tomas - until it can be safely returned to the wild.

It is very unusual for penguins to find their way to city beaches.

For now though, the penguin seems to be enjoying being the centre of attention as local beachgoers snapped his picture!


Humboldt Penguins often live on the Pacific coasts of Peru and Chile.

They are considered endangered with only about 10,000 remaining in the wild.