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Last Updated: Tuesday January 25 2011 17:12 GMT

Rude footie presenter Andy Gray is sacked

Andy Gray

Football presenter Andy Gray has been sacked from Sky Sports.

He had already been punished with presenter Richard Keys for insulting female assistant referee Sian Massey before a match on Saturday.

They were recorded saying that women did not understand the offside rule and needed someone to explain it to them.

Now Sky says there is new evidence of more offensive behaviour from Mr Gray in December 2010, and because of that he's been fired from the TV station.

Sian ended up making a crucial correct offside decision in the match- Liverpool's Premier League clash with Wolves.

But on Tuesday, football bosses decided to withdraw her from her next game.

Sian Massey
Sian Massey at Saturday's Premier League game

It's because they want fans to focus on the match and not how she's doing.

The people in charge of match officials said: "Sian is an excellent professional who has unwittingly found herself in the middle of a story that has nothing to do with her competence as a match official."

They say that they want things to get back to normal as soon as possible so she can get back out refereeing.