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Last Updated: Monday January 24 2011 15:46 GMT

Downing Street rat spotted again on TV programme

Rats like these have been spotted outside Downing Street.
Rats like these have been spotted outside Downing Street

Downing Street's newest ratty resident has made another appearance on television!

The rat, first spotted last week running behind a BBC reporter, was seen scurrying behind another newsreader.

But before he could make a third TV appearance he was chased off the scene by policemen.

Downing Street has a very long cat history going back over one hundred years, with one of the favourites being Humphrey who retired in 1997.

Prime Minister David Cameron moved into 10 Downing Street last summer with his family.

Time for 10 Downing Street to get a cat?

Newsround reckon it's time for the PM to get a new cat!

Officials say that there might be new plans to get a cat to deal with the fame hungry rat!

Experts reckon that there are about 50 million rats living across the UK.