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Last Updated: Monday January 24 2011 17:14 GMT

Spurs and West Ham fight for 2012 Olympic stadium

What will happen to London's Olympic stadium?

There's a big fight going on about what will happen to London's big Olympic stadium after the Games in 2012.

Premier League football clubs Tottenham and West Ham both want to move in, and they've handed in their plans about what they will do with the stadium.

West Ham say they would keep the athletics track around the pitch, but Spurs would turn it into a football only venue.

The decision has been delayed while the people in charge study the two bids.

Spurs say that their fans will be too far away from the action if they keep the athletics track.

But London 2012 boss Lord Coe is supporting the West Ham bid as he wants athletics competitions in the future to be held there.

If Spurs win the bid they say that British athletics won't lose out, as they'll spend money making the athletics stadium in Crystal Palace into a better venue.