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Last Updated: Wednesday January 19 2011 18:04 GMT

Dog saved after eating mobile phone and toy doll

Watch Sam the puppy in action

A puppy's life has been saved by vets after he swallowed his owner's mobile phone and toy doll.

Six-month-old golden retriever Sam kept on vomiting so his owner took him to see the vet in Stirling, Scotland.

They decided to do an operation and open up Sam's belly to see what was going on - and found a phone and toy in his stomach.

It's thought the pup ate the doll followed by the phone days later. Vets say Sam would've died without the op.

The mobile phone and toy doll swallowed by Sam the golden retriever
What was found in puppy Sam's stomach by the vets at Broadleys Veterinary Hospital in Stirling

Owner Paula Connelly thought her son might have taken her mobile phone when she noticed it missing.

She said: "I never thought the dog could have eaten it in a million years."

Paula said the phone's now useless because the juices in Sam's tummy destroyed it.


But it seems that Sam hasn't learnt his lesson - he had to go back to the vet soon afterwards because he swallowed a pair of pants!

Luckily, he brought them back up by himself so he didn't need another operation.