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Last Updated: Wednesday January 19 2011 07:57 GMT

Sharks could be colour blind

Researchers examined 17 species, including bull sharks, like this one.

Sharks are often the most feared animals in the waters - and now it seems researchers may have found a way to trick them.

After examining the eyes of 17 species of shark, they seem to have found they see the world in black and white!

Most people have three types of cells in their eyes to help tell between colours, sharks often only have one.

Experts think they might be able to use this information to help prevent the number of shark attacks on humans.

The research was carried out by Dr Nathan Scott Hart and his colleagues from the University of Western Australia and the University of Queensland in Australia.

They are also hoping their findings could help sharks too.

Dr Nathan Scott said: " This may help us to design long-line fishing lures that are less attractive to sharks as well as to design swimming attire and surf craft that have a lower visual contrast to sharks and, therefore, are less 'attractive' to them."