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Last Updated: Wednesday January 19 2011 12:30 GMT

Do you text while you're walking?

Texting and walking...

Here's why NOT to text and walk...!

A woman in America fell into a fountain because she was texting away on her mobile.

She tripped over a wall and plunged into a pool in a shopping centre. Unfortunately for her the whole thing was caught on CCTV!

So we want to know if you ever get distracted by your phone - what's the most embarrassing thing you've done?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there is another subject to chat about on the main Chat page.

Your comments

"LOL! This is hilarious! Just don't text!"

Kelsey, 10, Southampton, England

"There is no doubt that the worst thing that happened to me while texting was bashing into the boy I was secretly in love with!"

Maria, 14, Greece

"Yes I always do."

Stella, 10, Yorkshire, England

"I'm actually quite good at texting while I'm walking! We can't text in class so I do it walking to lessons!"

Ella, 12, Bristol, England

"Ha ha!"

James, 9, Liverpool, England

"No, I find it extremely hard and have no idea how people do it. I tried it once and decided never do it again!"

Nivetha, 13, Ilford, England

"That is sooo embarrassing! When I am using my phone sometimes I fall into doors by accident."

Ismahan, 13, London, England

"No! You might bang into someone or something! I think she would have felt REALLY embarrassed but in a few years she will laugh about it."

Ashley, 12, Renfrewshire, Scotland

"I always text while I'm walking and luckily I haven't fallen in any fountains!"

Shahid, 12, Coventry, England

"I rarely use my phone, let alone texting whilst walking!"

James, 13, Cheshire, England

"I think people should watch where they walk! That woman is an example for kids - even if it's important you should watch your step!"

Grace, 11, Lancashire, England

"I text when I walk. I saw someone texting on their phone while they were walking out of a shop and they banged straight into the door! It was really funny."

Sarah, 12, Birmingham, England

"I am constantly texting when I'm walking but I have never fallen over or bashed into anyone."

Checkou, 13, Hampshire, England

"I usually text when I'm walking but not when I'm crossing a road or anything like that."

Shonagh, 11, Edinburgh, England

"I've walked into a lamp-post and a bush before, when someone rang me."

Libby, 9, UK

"I usually text while walking, but sometimes if you are about to walk into something, you get the instinct to stop just before you do."

Nicola, 14, Brighton, England

"My dad is always on his phone texting or playing games. Once he missed three stops on the bus because he was busy on it! I have only just got a phone so I don't know what I'll be like!"

Ella, 11, London, England

"I don't usually text when I'm walking, but I have to admit, I've done it before and fallen over!"

Hannah, 10, West Midlands, England

"I watched it and laughed so hard that cheese came out of my nose!"

Aaron, 10, Berkshire, England

"Sometimes I do, but not all the time. I haven't bumped into anything yet!!"

Tia, 10, UK

"I once was texting while I was waiting for a bus and the day before it had been raining. The bus drove past and I got absolutely soaked!"

Grace, 12, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

"I hardly ever use my phone while walking! Although once, I was walking with my friend and she nearly hit a lamp-post!"

Natalie, 12, Nottingham, England

"Sometimes I text whilst walking but not always. When I do, I occasionally bump into people and trees!"

Lucy, 13, Manchester, England

"I do sometimes, but after seeing that video I will stop!"

Biff, 10, New York, USA

"Hi Newsround! I've actually done something like that! I walked into a lamp-post - all my head was bleeding and I had to go to hospital!"

Ellie, 12, Liverpool, England

"I don't use my phone a lot, so I don't text when I'm walking. The water fountain thing is really funny!"

Robyn, 11, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"Yeah I normally text while I'm walking. I nearly walked out in front of a bus coming out of school. I was OK because my friend pulled me in from the road, but then we crossed the road and I walked into a bin."

Kirsty, 12, N. Ireland

"I don't have a phone!"

Sam, 8, London, England

"The most embarrassing thing I've done was tripping head first into a bin! Disgusting!"

Ellie, 14, Liverpool, England

"No, but I am often talking on the phone though!"

Oliver, 13, Surrey, England

"I don't have a phone, but when I get one I won't text whilst walking because I don't think it's very wise!"

Emily, 10, London, England

"The most embarrassing thing I have done while texting and walking at the same time was walking into a parked car!"

Gabby, 14, London, England

"I text while I walk, but I am still careful."

James, 13, London, England

"I text while I walk, but nothing embarrassing has happened to me yet!"

Chris, 12, Cheshire, England

"I usually do text while I'm walking, but definitely not while I'm crossing the road."

Zara, 13, London, England

"The most embarrassing thing I've done on my phone was walk into a lamppost with everyone watching!"

Nicole, 12, Exeter, England

"I always text when I'm walking, especially when my friends text me!"

Rebecca, 12, Lancashire, England

"Even though I don't have a phone, I still wouldn't text while I walk. They should be looking where they're going!"

Robyn, 11, Stockton-on-Tees, England

"No, because you'll bash into someone and fall over!"

Amy, 13, Plymouth, England

"A while ago my dad was walking to work and texting on his mobile, and after a couple of minutes he walked straight into a lamppost! It was hilarious and he broke his glasses! We still tease him about it now!"

Eve, 12, Cheshire, England