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Last Updated: Friday January 14 2011 07:02 GMT

Baby seals survive epic journey!

Baby seal on the Farne Islands

Three baby seals have survived an incredible 300-mile journey, after being swept out to sea in a storm.

The pups were swept away from the Farne Islands on the Northumberland coast in December - and washed up in Holland!

The pups were possible to identify because they'd been marked with blue dye.

The seals are doing well after their epic journey and are now being looked after at an animal rescue centre in Holland.

A seal wrBaby seal on the Farne islands
One of the seals was just a few weeks old when it was swept away

National Trust head warden for the Farne Islands David Steel said their survival was incredible.

He said: "This is a remarkable tale of determination and survival.

"For three young grey seal pups to make it through such an ordeal is amazing."