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Last Updated: Tuesday January 11 2011 15:55 GMT

My dad's trapped in the Oz floods

Australia floods

Brisbane in danger of flooding

Press Packer Bailey, aged 13, lives in the city of Toowoomba, in Queensland, which has been caught up in the deadly Australian floods.

His dad is trapped at work and may not be home for days because the roads are cut off.

Ricky chatted to him on the phone to find out what it's like...

"My dad works at a garden centre that supplies plants all up the east coast of Australia. There are rivers running close by, and when the rain came they overflowed, trapping him.

The roads are blocked and he may not be able to come home for a few days.

I feel really sad about all the people who have died in the floods and all the people who have lost their houses.

Sisters stuck

Water flowed down off the mountains and washed through all the little towns where I live.

My two sisters at university in Brisbane are stuck. We've been ringing them to make sure they are safe.

We've been looking on the weather forecast on the computer every day and hopefully the weather is going to dry up soon."

Bailey, 13, Toowoomba, Australia