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Last Updated: Tuesday January 11 2011 17:15 GMT

Brisbane threatened by floods

Australia floods

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Parts of Australia's third largest city, Brisbane, are being evacuated as devastating floods continue to spread.

At least nine people have died and more than 70 are missing in the worst floods Australia has seen for decades.

Water levels are rising fast, and in some areas people said the river rose by 1.5m in just an hour.

The flood water is expected to peak on Thursday, and people living in Brisbane are being given sandbags to help them protect their homes.

Flash flooding in Queensland
The powerful Toowoomba floods have been described as an 'inland tsunami'

Heavy rain swamped the city of Toowoomba on Monday, turning roads into rivers, sweeping away cars and flowing through buildings.

Helicopters are being used to rescue people trapped in vehicles or on the roofs of their houses.

Floods across the state of Queensland have already hit an area the size of Germany and France put together, and in some places it's still only possible to get around by boat.