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Last Updated: Thursday January 06 2011 16:36 GMT

Leah finds out kids learn to fly without fear!

Leah has a go flying the simulator

Going on holiday is always exciting, but for some people getting on an aeroplane can be really scary. We sent Leah to find out how kids are getting help with their fear of flying.

Pilot demonstrating how a plane flies.

At the beginning of the one-day course, a pilot explains how planes are made and built to be really safe in the sky!

Flyers get ready with some relaxing exercises

Next, the group are shown some exercises to help them stay calm before takeoff.

Kids get shown how the simulator works

The most exciting part of the day is when all the kids get to have a go in a flight simulator so they can try out their new skills to see if they have conquered their fear.

Leah gets ready for a ride in the plane simulator

Ready for take-off! Leah looks a lot happier about jetting off now - the pilot's top tips must have worked!