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Last Updated: Wednesday January 05 2011 18:00 GMT

I'm stuck in the Australian floods

Mariah and her brother Aaron

I saw a snake in the floods!

Press Packer Mariah, aged 9, lives right at the centre of the Australian floods.

She used to live in the UK, but her family moved to Rockhampton in Queensland.

Since the flooding happened, she's seen iguanas and even snakes!

Leah spoke to her on the phone to find out how scared she was when it started, and how they're coping.

"When it first happened, there was a big thunderstorm that shook the house and the rain fell really fast.

My brother was startled because he was outside.

Now the water is knee-high but we're alright. We went canoeing to a nice park which is really fun!

Flood creatures...

Mariah and her brother in a canoe
Mariah and her brother in a canoe

We saw some iguanas today, and we even had a black snake at our house and I saw a snake on a canoe too!

Every time I go out we go out in a canoe or our dad carries us because me and my brother don't like going out in the water because of the snakes.

We should be going back to school in three weeks. It's a long time off.


Mariah's house
Mariah's house

We had to turn the Wii off, and the lights off and everything else off to be safe.

Now we can have the electricity back on because its not lightning or thundering anymore.

We moved the bikes out from underneath the house and the shed on to the veranda so they wont get damaged.

The water in the town

Before the rain started we walked down to a creek and it was nearly touching the bridge.

A dog being walked in Rockhampton
The dogs are getting wet too!

The next day it was flooding the bridge and then that creek flooded our street too.

I've not seen anything like this before but we're OK.

If I look out of the window now, all the neighbours their gardens are completely flooded and ours is too.

We don't know what's happening and if people are coming to help us so we have to wait."

Mariah, 9, Queensland, Australia