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Last Updated: Wednesday January 05 2011 07:51 GMT

Australia flood water levels at highest

A truck is submerged by floodwater in Rockhampton in Australia

Flood waters in Queensland, Australia, look like they've reached their highest levels yet.

The swollen Fitzroy River has reached a depth of 9.2 metres - and could go up to 9.4 metres! It's expected to stay at its peak for two days.

Officials say around 400 more homes in the city of Rockhampton face flooding and thousands more are likely to have water pouring through their gardens.

The highest level the Fitzroy has ever reached is 10.11 metres - back in 1918.

Mariah and her brother Aaron

I saw a snake in the floods!

More than a week of heavy rain has left a large part of north-east Australia flooded.

Some people have been evacuated, but many are staying put.

Some flooding in the area is quite common so houses are built on stilts so flood water goes under the house instead of into it.